I polled my Facebook “Whats Living Your Truth Mean To You?” And here’s what they had to say

Yesterday I decided to poll my Facebook before writing today’s blog. I asked them what does living your truth mean to you?

And I was absolutely astounded with the answers I received. I’m going to share a lot of them with you in this blog but not all of them simply because there’s not enough room.

Since I’ve started Yoga Teacher Training my minds been learning all kinds of new an amazing things and it really makes you think.

Sometimes there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you, but if your willing to share then you can begin to live your truth.

In yoga we call living your truth satya. Being honest takes a lot of Bravery in a sense because you also have to be honest with yourself.

In order to be real you have to practice enough svadhyaya to know what you truly believe. And then when your completely firm in who you are you have to be bold enough to live your truth.

To me living your truth means being brave enough to get out of your head into your heart. It means speaking truth bullshit. It means saying things that might be uncomfortable and not partaking in small talk and gossip.

To me living your truth is the bravest thing you could ever do and the wisest gift you could ever give your kids.

Sometimes being honest and acting out of love just might contradict each other, but I know that you will work your way through it if your confident in your own truth.

I would like to thank all of the brave people who spoke up and shared their hearts with us, because being vulnerable isn’t always easy.

I’m happy to be surrounded by such enlightened friends.

Peace ☮️ God Bless Namaste 🙏

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