Open your eyes and your heart

When people are truly happy for you then they will share in your joy. When people have their own agenda for happiness you’ll understand that too. Choose wisely.

As most of you know last year was a crazy ass year for me. If your unsure what I’m talking about there’s lots of blogs you can read to catch up.

But there’s a few things I haven’t shared yet and today I’m going to lay it all out there.

You see when it comes to life and love and relationships it can often be a messy place. When things fall apart you will truly understand who is for you and who is against you.

You’ll even discover people that have never been a part of your life that all of sudden come out of the dark.

You see we live in a small town and that automatically means everyone already thinks they know you even when you’ve never carried on a conversation with them in your entire life.

But here’s the thing about people and about love. Sometimes people will only love you when you can fit into their box. Sometimes people are selfish and they have their own motives for wanting you in their lives.

And those aren’t the people that you want in your life.

You want the people who truly care about your happiness. Not the gossipers, not the naysayers, and sure as hell not the drama queens.

And trust me friends if they are talking shit with you, they are taking shit about you.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last year and I’ve also learned a lot about the people in our town, about who matters and about who doesn’t.

I’ve learned about loyalty and respect and I’ve learned about deceit and lies.

I wouldn’t change a single thing because the love we share now is better then anything we had before.

I love myself and my story. I love my family and I even love last year, because in the darkest times of your life you will find your light.

When it comes to our happiness trust me when I say we accept your love and reject your judgment. We are exactly where we need to be and this love story ends with happily ever after.

Beware who you let in because some people just love misery.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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