Family Halloween Traditions

Last night it was Trick or Treat in Ohio, and that means the family is getting together. Another year is in the books and as my daughter said last night “it’s crazy that this is the next generation!”

And I would have to agree. Sometimes the happiest moment have a little bit of sadness to them. Meaning now our daughters a freshman in high school and she doesn’t trick or treat anymore.

But thank goodness for grand babies and nieces and nephews because they will most certainly keep us young.

I absolutely love this time with these kids. There’s something so magical about the excitement that comes from the little ones.

It rained and then it snowed last night, and while we had a little sickness and some freezing hands the night was an absolute success.

For the first time in 15 years my husband and I stayed back and passed out candy. It was much warmer then braving the wind and it was a great first year to do this together.

The years go by and the kids get bigger and the adults get younger?!? But seriously I look forward to this every single year.

There’s something magical about family traditions that involve lots of love and adventure.

My sisters house has been the gathering place for years and I appreciate her inviting us all in to take over for the night.

After they get back from their night on the town they all dump their candy out on the ground and proceed to trade away what they don’t want.

Yesterday was amazing on so many levels, but mostly it was simply because we took the time to do what we always do.

These are the memories that will shape and mold their little hearts. They know what’s up when it’s time for Halloween.

We are lucky in love!

We are blessed by faith!

And our kids will always remember Halloween as a family event full of love and laughter and a whole lot of crazy.

When you take the time to fill your own cup it will overflow with love and spill out into these beautiful souls.

I hope that you have family traditions that fill your heart just like these nights do for ours.

And I hope that you never stop being thankful for all the love that surrounds you.

πŸ’œ Tay Tay

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