The rainbow after the storm

Good Morning beautiful souls I’ve got a message for you this morning. It’s been in my heart for a minute now and I’m ready to share some light with you.

When it comes to the storms in our lives they are going to shake you to your core and then some. Some seasons will be amazing and some of them will be dark as hell.

Hence the true yin and yang ☯️ of life.

You won’t understand what your going through at the time and when you look back you won’t even be sure how your survived.

But then something really amazing happens, when we’re willing to embrace the storms instead of run from them.

When we learn to love the good and the bad we won’t live a life full of regrets. When we can learn to embrace life with our whole hearts instead of just a few jagged pieces of it, then we can embrace a totally new journey.

It takes zero courage and zero brain power to do things the way they’ve always been done. But it’s super brave when you learn to show up and hold space for others.

Anyone that’s a leader and a motivational coach or speaker like Oprah and Tony Robbins have had serious trauma in their childhoods.

And that trauma is what has made them who they are. They don’t live their lives afraid and in shame for things in the past that have happened to them.

They also don’t identify with their abuse, because they know it wasn’t their fault and they’ve learned how to let go and create a whole new life.

They’ve taken their pain and transformed it into healing energy and by sharing their truths with the world it’s helped millions of people heal their own hurts.

This is the magic of unconditional love. Learning to tame the fire inside you because that’s where the pain is stored. But also being able to reclaim your own voice and to not be the victim of your own life.

I am so freaking blessed this morning as I type this. My family is the happiest it’s ever been. The smile on our daughters face and the happiness that’s radiating from her makes my heart overflow.

As I drink my coffee I think about how lucky I am to have to love of my life back. As he’s sleeping in my bed right now I couldn’t smile bigger because we made it through it all and came out stronger, closer, and more alive then ever before.

Don’t try to skip the bad chapters because that’s not how life works, but do remember the rainbows coming after the storm.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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