Teach them how to stop giving their power away

Teach your kids resilience

Teach them that the world is not fair and not everyone is nice

But not everyone matters

Teach them how to let go of words that hurt them and how to be strong on the inside

Teach them how to stop giving their power away

Teach them self love

Some of you are going to absolutely hate this blog, while others of you will love the message that’s behind it.

I guess it just depends on the way you see the world and the way you view yourself.

If I know anything it’s about how to how to show up for yourself. I was a broken child so I see thing through the lens of a broken child.

I know what it feels like to feel alone, and to not feel good enough and to always feel like you just don’t belong somewhere. I know the struggles of every day life and I understand being poor and being afraid.

But what we need to do as parents is to instill emotional intelligence in our kids. However we first have to learn to heal our own hearts in order to help guide their souls to the light.

You can’t change the kids who are mean or the parents of those kids. So don’t waste any more energy on them at all. You can change yourself and your own children.

If they come home from school and they are upset by the events of the day, by all means listen to them. Acknowledge their feelings and their emotions and then help them get back on track.

Don’t allow them to become the victim of the mean kids. Don’t let their self worth and their identity be given away so easily.

Don’t teach them how to hold onto the pain by carrying it around with them, instead teach them how to be strong. Teach them to let go.

Teach them that sometimes there’s shitty people in the world, but those people have no power over you.

Their words have no power over you, unless you let them.

You decide who comes and goes in your life and you decide what opinions matter as well.

If you teach them to love themselves, truly love themselves, then the words of others will never be able to penetrate their hearts because they know who they are.

And they know what they stand for and they value themselves way more then any silly insults.

Fear perpetuates more fear, but love brings a whole new light to the earth.

This is the self love I’m speaking of. This is how we reclaim our power and we create a new generation of kind kids who don’t give their power away.

The next time your kid comes home hurt I beg you to pause and ask yourself if your perpetuating more victims or more warriors?

Everything they need is already inside them so teach them how to love it now so they won’t spend their lives searching for something outside of themselves.

💜 Tay Tay

If you want to dig more into how you can help create strong kids read the conscious parent by Dr. Shefali

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