If you want love, do not hide from yourself

If you want the moon do not hide from the night

If you want a rose do not run from the thorns

If you want love do not hide from yourself Rumi

As I was scrolling through my feed this morning my soul was touched by this beautiful quote.

I feel it in the depths of my soul as I continue to unfold and unravel my spirit. Getting out of your head and into your heart is a really hard thing to do at first, and even when you get better at it, there will still be times that you will find yourself right back in the middle of your head.

It’s ok dear ones, you are human! I do it all the time also, I am just able to get out of there faster then I used to be.

We are all in a trance living the stories we tell ourselves every single day. (Except for those that have already awakened) We then tend to identify with these stories and we believe the themes running through our heads.

We literally spend years being a slave to our negative feelings and emotions never understanding the peace and the love that lies on the other side when we choose to surrender.

We don’t realize that there’s something so much deeper inside of ourselves. We don’t take the time to understand ourselves because we’re afraid of what we might find.

Americans spend more time being busy then any other culture, and it’s left us with a bunch of unhealthy souls. What we all need more of is being still. Spending time with your kids and your family just being.

It’s easy to blame everyone else for the way we act. It’s easy to do the same things we’ve always done, but it’s not easy to become aware of your own bullshit.

If you want to live a life with your heart wide open then you have to take the time to understand yourself. If you want to love then you need to get really familiar with the pain that your carrying around with you.

The next thing you have to do is become familiar with your triggers. They are a huge clue to the unhealed hurt that’s floating around inside you.

Do you become angry when your triggered?

Do you become a people pleaser when your triggered and forget all about what you want so you can make someone else happy?

Do you run away when your triggered and then blame others when you can’t cope anymore?

Do you just sweep things under the rug when your triggered and pretend they aren’t happening?

These are just a few of the classic ways that we avoid ourselves by living in our pain.

I think we’ve all experienced some of these things at some point in our lifetime. But if you truly want to live awake and stop being a victim of your own emotions, then learn that all of the answers to everything lie inside you.

Understand that if you want something you’ve never had then you have to be committed to doing things that you’ve never done before.

And if your ok with where you are in your life that’s ok too.

Acceptance 💜

Peace God Bless Namaste

💜 Tay Tay

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