Little Sister I’m Proud Of You

Your going to piss a lot of people off when you finally start doing what’s best for you.

After years of making everyone else happy, I couldn’t be more proud of your decision to make yourself happy.

It’s not an easy thing to change the role you’ve been playing your entire life, but it sure is worth it.

It took me until I was 40 to try to get through my daddy issues but your kicking yours in the ass at 30 and I’m so proud of you.

Don’t worry about people understanding your side of the story because those of us that matter are all about you.

Don’t pick up their hateful words and their desperate comments and hold them close to your heart.

Instead pick up all of the good comments and all of the love you receive and hold onto them.

You’re doing this for you and you’re the only one that matters. The people who truly love you will see you to the other side of this glorious awakening and the ones that only care to manipulate and control will not longer be an issue.

I’ve been beside you your entire life and I’m not going anywhere. I know every single story that hurt you growing up and I also know the stories that haunt you as an adult.

You are no longer a little girl or a victim of your own life. You are an amazing warrior that’s reclaiming her voice and her spirit.

You won’t be passing on a co-dependent love to your kids because when you know better you do better.

I know it hurts but it won’t be this way forever.

You surround yourself with love and light only. Eventually they will get tired of bullying you and sending you absurd messages because they won’t be able to control you anymore.

I know it’s hard but you’ve got this beautiful girl. God didn’t make us this strong and feisty for no reason at all!

He made us sisters because he knew that we would do amazing things together.

I love you KK

Keep going

You are strong

You are kind

You are brave

You are bold

And you use your voice

💜 you

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