To the ones consumed by darkness….

I know that’s it really dark in your life right now. I too have experienced complete black outs.

I know there are parts of yourself that you struggle with, and that sometimes you are completely consumed by your own shadows.

I know what it’s like to reside in the places that make you afraid and keep you small. I also understand your pain and your grief and your need to heal.

We all have these dark places inside of us because we are all human. I truly understand what it feels like to hurt so badly that your numb to most everything that’s going on, but yet somehow you continue to keep going.

Some of us were born with darkness and some of us had the darkness put in us. Some of us have never experienced anything but the dark, and a few lucky souls have experienced minimal darkness in their lives.

But here’s what I have you tell you beautiful souls, there’s a light inside of you that can help you find your way out of the darkness.

There’s a unique voice that’s yours and only yours and it’s freaking special, and you know what else?

No one else in the entire world has the exact same light as you. And once you’ve consciously activated it there’s no going back to the dark.

When you finally make it through all of your accumulated hurts, you will be free of the very things you’ve spent your entire life afraid of.

You will be rewarded by showing up for yourself and for choosing to shine your light. Your life will be better then you could have ever imagined when you learn to create harmony on the inside.

There are going to be chapters in your life that suck and that are going to completely break you.

But here’s the good thing about being broken, it’s actually where the light gets in. It’s where you find your strength and your heart and your self love.

You are so very close to your breakthrough so don’t you dare quit on yourself now.

I love you 💜

Peace God Bless NamasteTay 🧘‍♀️

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