I choose to live awake

I choose to live awake

I am not a victim my own pain

I am a warrior of the present moment

I don’t practice judgment towards myself

I choose compassion and forgiveness and acceptance

I don’t live in the past and

I won’t be revisiting it with you because

I live in the now and my life is

The most magical it’s ever been

Living awake isn’t an easy thing to to do at first because we’ve pretty much been asleep our entire lives.

It requires a certain amount of deep healing and a dedication to taking down all the walls that you’ve built to keep yourself safe.

It means keeping out all negative energies that don’t support you or your life plan.

It means telling the truth even when it’s uncomfortable, because sooner or later it’s coming out.

It means letting go of the idea that the past could have been any different and choosing to live in the present moment.

It means creating something new that you’ve never seen before.

I’ve learned how to live in my heart and stay out of my head, because that’s where our gifts lie.

Our heads are full of stories that could keep us small forever but our hearts are full of hope and love and forgiveness.

Once you truly activate your light 💡 others that want to heal will come your way.

You won’t have to worry about the people that are not for you because you will be so immersed in your own light that their opinions will mean absolutely nothing to you.

I am beyond blessed to be where I am today!

I am so incredibly lucky in love and my lights activated for the world to see.

May you learn to live in your heart and get the hell out of your head!

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste (tay) ha ha ha

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