Fall Family Traditions

It’s that time of the year when it’s going to start getting cold and the pumpkins come out. And while I am not a fan of cold weather or pumpkin spice I sure do like some of the feelings and traditions that come along with Fall.

Like decorating our front porch and making it scary. My daughter is 14 now and we haven’t decorated the porch in a few years. She’s too old for that you know!

But this year my granddaughter got me right into the spirit. Yesterday we spent the afternoon together digging out our old decorations and adding a few new ones.

I cannot explain to you what this does for my heart and my soul. It feels absolutely amazing to be decorating with the next generation.

Her excitement is the most precious thing in this entire world. When her dad came to pick her up she said “Come with me dad but be careful because it’s Really scary out here!”

I am beyond blessed right now with all of the love and the light that surrounds me.

I love my life and everyone in it.

I am full of gratitude for the simple things and I won’t ever take another day for granted.

Traditions are the most amazing thing that you could create with your family and your friends. They remind us of all the years that have passed and all of the years that are yet to come, while allowing us to make brand new memories in the present moment.

If you are afraid when you drive past my house just blame Tatum! 💜

What are some of your most favorite traditions?

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