You will continue to suffer until………

Suffering is absolutely no fun at all, yet many of us unwillingly choose it every single day.

I say unwillingly because until you wake up your not really choosing, your just existing. You are on autopilot living your life the same way every single day.

Most of the time you are trapped in the thoughts of your mind and you are a slave to the gremlins that keep you small.

I know this because I was a classic sufferer. I loved to wallow in my pain even though I also found pleasure in life. I used to be just like you until I finally had enough.

If we want to live a happy and wholehearted life then we have to be willing to look inside ourselves and heal the hurts that hold us back.

Don’t think you have anything that needs healed?

Are you triggered by anyone in a negative way?

It’s one of the best indicators of the junk that’s floating around inside of us that needs dealt with.

If anyone or anything makes you feel anger, resentment, or judgment then you’ve got some work to do.

I know it’s way easier to point the finger and to blame other people for your shit, but the truth is that blame is just another way to avoid yourself.

If you want to stop suffering then you’ve got to become intentional with yourself. You must learn to always look inside because all the answers begin and end with you.

Suffering is a choice just as being happy is choice. And the really cool thing is that you can see that many people in this world have chosen to live awake.

They have decided to invest more time in their hearts then they do in their heads and by doing so they are creating a new healing energy.

Suffering will continue until you decide you’ve had enough. Some people will never wake up from their slumber and that’s ok. Those aren’t my people!

But to those of you who know that there’s something so much bigger then your fears, I’m here to lead you to the light.

You are worthy of big and bold amazing life but only if your willing to wake up.

💜 Tay Tay

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