STOP Explaining Yourself

Stop explaining yourself and telling people everything

You owe no one any explanation of what you do

Your life is yours not theirs


When it comes to life you can bet your bottom dollar that there will always be people who doubt you

People who don’t agree with you

Or people who think they know better then you

And this is ok

As long as you don’t let their opinions into your heart

Every single day we have a choice

We can hold onto the past and let it control us

Or we can embrace the present moment

I know it’s easy to become depressed and lost in our heads because I’m just like you and I have to fight these thoughts

I also know that’s it just as easy to become consumed with the what if’s of the future and never allow ourselves the happiness we deserve

But in the end you only get this one life

And it’s up to you to decide how you live it

You’ve got to be brave

You’ve got to forgive

You’ve got to dream bigger

You’ve got to protect your space

And you’ve got to know your worth and be able to express yourself in a healthy manner

But first you’ve got to know what you want πŸ’œ

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