I’m know I’m not for everyone

I’m not for everyone and I know that

I cuss and I Love Jesus

I ride donkeys and I visit alpacas

I write about some the hardest rawest things in the world

I am loud and I say what’s on my my mind

I love hard and I sing loud and I wear my heart on my sleeve

I make mistakes and I eat humble pie

I’m beyond picky about where and who I spend my time with because I’m an empath

I’m unorganized but I’m still clean

I’m the friend that doesn’t sugar coat shit but I’m also the friend that will sit beside you in the dark and never once leave your side

I’m loyal and I’m kind and I have boundaries like a mother fucker

And if that makes me too much then I’ll be too much all day every day

If that makes me not your peeps it’s ok because I have my own tribe

I will take up space and I will own my shit and I will use my voice

I will practice forgiveness and grace until it’s no longer a choice it’s an automated response

And I will love harder and fiercer and braver then I ever have in my entire life

Because I finally learned how to live instead of just exist

I learned how to find the courage to love with my Whole Heart 💜 and not just part of it

The next time you feel as though your not enough I want you to remember that your more then enough

The next time you want to fit in and make yourself smaller to make someone else comfortable I want you to use your voice

Don’t let the tame ones tell you how to live.

And the next time you feel like your at the wrong table, I want you to have to courage to get up and walk away and find yourself a new table.

Stay weird

Embrace your uniqueness

And celebrate your WHOLE self

Tavia Hayduk

Spiritual Life Coach

Blogger 💜

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