Trusting your gut

The time has come to wrap up my 5 part blog series on how to change your life.

The final piece isn’t that much different then the first 4 meaning that the commonality is always you.

You’ve got to realize by now that if you change nothing then nothing will ever change.

You are in complete control of your entire life and it’s up to you do the work that it takes to create lasting change.

With all that being said I’m going to share my last secret with you. I’m sure you’ve all heard the sayings “trust your gut” or “I had a feeling about that”?!

Your intuition is there for a reason, but it takes time and practice to hone in on it. Just like anything else in your life you can’t be good at something you’ve never done. It takes immense practice to become skilled at anything, and if you want to listen to the voice that knows the way then your going to have to learn to be still.

Intuition is one of our most amazing gifts that we could ever receive. When we’re able to come from a place of presence instead of fear we bring a whole new energy to our lives and to the world.

You see my friends God knew exactly what he was doing when he created our mind, our bodies and our souls.

He gave us a spiritual GPS system so that we could navigate our ways out of our heads and into our hearts. But here’s the kicker, he also gave us free will so it’s up to us to decide where we spend our time.

In order to listen to your gut you’ve to learn how to shut up your brain. If we spend to much time being active and not enough time relaxing we will end up emotionally exhausted and bankrupt of all good feelings.

So in other words, we’ve got to all be more disciplined in being still. For me personally, I meditate and do yoga. But, you can find whatever works best for you, these are the things that bring stillness into my mind and help me be free from all thoughts.

Your gut will always lead you where you need to be, but you’ve got to learn how to trust it first.

I hope that you truly received some valuable information about bringing change to your life and I now I hope you have the courage to take action.

After all you could read all of my blogs and still be stuck in NOT doing.

I can’t wait to watch you blossom!

💜 Tay Tay

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