Time is non refundable, use it with intention

Welcome to part 4 of my blog series on how you can change your life. If you missed the 3 before this, then stop and go back and give them a read so that you don’t miss an important step.

Time is the next step on our journey into ourselves. You see, times one of those tricky things that sometimes sneaks up on us.

My daughter just started her freshman year of high school and I’m excited to watch her grow, I’m just confused how it went so fast and yet so slow at the same time?

I’m guessing what I’ve really learned is that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that time is a precious gift that we can’t ever get back, and we can’t ever get more of.

We’ve got a certain amount of hours in our lives and we are totally in control of how we use them.

If we could learn just how precious our lives truly are, then we would be able to learn how to use our time more wisely.

We’d learn how blessed we are and we would love harder and bigger and longer and stronger.

We’ve all got the exact same hours in the day, but we don’t all utilize our time to benefit our souls. We often times are consumed by being to busy and are always left feeling frazzled and depleted at the end of every single week.

You wonder why so many people are sleep deprived?

We are on go, all day long, every day never ever stopping to be still or to unplug so that we might not burn out. Instead we tend to think that the busier we are the happier we are, but it’s not really the truth.

It’s not our bodies that our tired it’s our souls and in order to shine our lights we need down time.

If your not used to being lazy it’s going to be really odd at first, but just learn to incorporate still time into your life.

And after you’ve learned how to be still begin to schedule things that feed your soul instead of your bank account. Find things that nourish you and your spirit in a different way then your used to.

Make time to spend with people that fill you up and stay away from those that drain you.

Guard your heart and your mind from as much negativity as possible. Stay away from the news and things that make you feel angry.

And on the flip side of that make sure that your spending time every day feeding your mind good things like meditation and music. Things that bring about joy and feelings of play!

Time is your most valuable tool in change because you get start over again every single day and decide where your spending your day.

Stop wasting time being afraid and learn to fall in love with your life.

💜 Tay Tay

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