Awareness is the first step in change

As a life coach I’m here to share with you that the first step to changing anything in your life comes from being able to look inside.

Change can’t come from blame and shame, it has to come from a place that’s rooted deep inside you. You’ve got to unlearn the things that you learned in your childhood and create a new set of life plans to live by.

Now………… can quickly understand why so many people can’t ever change a single thing in their lives, because they are to busy pointing the finger at everyone else.

But blame is a game for the weak!

It’s a defense mechanism that keeps you safe but it’s sure not love and it won’t ever bring you a different life. It will keep you stuck in the patterns of the past forever.

If you truly want to change your life then you need to get familiar with yourself, your triggers, and your own emotional outbursts.

People don’t make us do or say or act a certain way. But people most definitely trigger the unhealed parts of us.

If you have any strong emotional reaction to someone else then you need to pause the next time that it’s happening.

You need to ask yourself “Why am I feeling this way and what does it have to teach me?”

As consciousness continues to rise on our planet there are a lot more people that can bring healing to this world simply because they’ve worked through their pain and now they can help you heal your life.

But first we must all become masters of our own awareness, and skilled at looking inside.

If you have any sort of emotional triggers they are huge clues as to what inside of you still needs to heal.

If you don’t take the time to unpack your hurts, then they are going to haunt you until you can become brave enough to stop running from yourself.

Sometimes we might have to lose relationships, friendships, and even family members if they are unwilling to respect the boundaries that we’ve put in place.

And this is ok, because we don’t want to be tied down by others opinions and their small ideas of who we should be. We’re not here to make others happy, we’re here to learn how to love with our whole hearts.

We’re here to teach our kids a better way to live and to love.

Are you passing on old ways of thinking and trauma? Or are you able to be real with your kids? Not hide the truth and show them that your human?

Now is the time to let all of that go to accept responsibility for you. I understand that when your trying to create a new life that not everyone is going to be on board. In fact quite a few people will hate what your doing because it means that things have to change.

But without change there’s no emotional growth, and without emotional growth there’s no real authenticity.

I know it’s easier to blame everyone else for all of your yucky feelings but there will come a day when you outgrow that mindset as well.

Awareness is all about taking responsibility for where ever you are in your life.

Awareness is about becoming aware of why you keep repeating the exact same patterns over and over again and learning how to break the cycle.

If you don’t learn to heal your shit then your going to bleed all over someone who didn’t cut you.

If you don’t become aware your going to attract the exact same partner over and over again and it’s always going to end the exact same way.

You are responsible for where you are and for where your going, and it’s up to you learn awareness and then pass it onto your children.

My life has taken a crazy turn for the better. I didn’t plan where I am right now, in fact I had to learn how to let go of my own broken ways in order to create a healthier life for those I love.

I’ve gone from being an afraid little girl, to a grown ass goddess. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty and it sure as hell wasn’t graceful, but I still did it. And I’m proud of the woman that I am today. I’m proud of all of the changes that I’ve created by accepting and loving myself.

You can do anything with the right set of tools and the right people in your corner!

Tomorrow I will write about another took that you can use to change your life, but the answer is always within you!

πŸ’œ Tay Tay

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