A little lesson on forgiveness

The ability to forgive is a direct reflection of ones understanding of love.

And I couldn’t agree more, because without love there wouldn’t ever be any forgiveness.

You see forgiveness is a choice my friends, and it’s all about you. We think that holding onto anger and resentment is going to make the other person pay, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

When you decide to hold onto the pain the other person doesn’t even know or care. It’s you who suffers and it’s you who walks around with the burden all day long.

I know that it’s hard to let go and that anger is the easiest way to protect ourselves. But when you know better you do better and it’s that simple.

There’s nothing anyone can say or do that will make you forgive them. And if you think there is then that’s where you are completely wrong.

Forgiveness means giving up the idea that the past could be any different. It means letting go of the idea of making someone pay for their mistakes. It means understanding that people are human and that they mess up sometimes.

Forgiveness means that you can’t bring up the past. It doesn’t mean I forgive you until I feel hurt by you and then I’m going to throw it in your face again.

There’s absolutely no love in shaming people to get what you want from them. Shame is a manipulation technique used by others to get their way. But when we learn what it is and we can give it a name we break free from it.

Most people never heal their hurts simply because they get stuck in their heads replaying scenarios that they can’t ever change.

Guilt is a wasted energy and your mind is a playground for the devil, so you’ve got to learn to get out of there.

I get it that it’s hard to let go of the ideas in your head, but love and happiness and forgiveness won’t ever come from your head, they can only come from the heart.

Those actions are are so full of vulnerability that the mind can’t let you risk being vulnerable because if you find joy in your life you risk the chance of losing it.

Forgiveness is a choice that we all have but it’s not something that we were all taught.

We were taught how to hold a grudge and how to harbor resentment.

We were taught to sweep it under the rug and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

We were taught how to throw a fit and get really angry and then run away and shit down completely, but we just weren’t taught how to use our words in a healthy manner.

The truth of the matter is that you need to learn how to forgive yourself. You need to learn how to stop judging yourself and learn how to love yourself because if you can’t forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made over the years then you won’t be able to forgive anyone else.

You can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t receive what you don’t give. And while that seems like huge play on words it the absolute truth.

“True forgiveness is when you can say thank you for that experience”


You cannot heal what you don’t first acknowledge, so I challenge you to update your blueprints when it comes to forgiveness.

Admit where you need to make changes and quit blaming everyone else. Learn how to love you’ve never loved before by learning how you love yourself.

I don’t want you to allow the wrong people in your house, you can forgive someone and wish them well and still not invite them to eat at your table.

The idea of forgiveness is that it’s all about you! Stop giving your power away and start letting go.

💜 Tay Tay

4 thoughts on “A little lesson on forgiveness

  1. Strong but true. Every time I read something about forgiveness, and letting go, I wonder why I’ve almost never had a huge problem doing this. I suspect it’s because I’m not eating up my energy not forgiving and letting go. Admittedly, letting go of things is definitely the hardest, especially since whatever we hold on to is on a loop. When I find something replaying, I typically hum it away, or move my head from side to side, or rapidly blink my eyes. It does work!

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