The heart that’s meant for you

There’s a heart out there that’s meant to love you.

It will be honest and authentic and real.

The heart that’s meant for yours won’t ever tell you that your feelings are wrong, instead they will listen to you until your no longer afraid.

They will tell you the truth even when it hurts because they know that trust is formed from transparency.

They will protect you and your relationship from any intruder and they won’t be afraid to tell the world about it.

The heart that’s meant for yours won’t be perfect because we’re all broken, but they will be willing to show you the real them.

They will mess up but they will be willing to own what they’ve done to to hurt you, because that’s what loves all about.

Learning to show up without the armor and speaking the truth no matter how much your voice shakes.

Being vulnerable because that’s what sharing your heart means.

After all the ones that meant for your heart will help you repair your heart, not destroy it more.

I hope that you find the heart that’s meant for yours.

Happy Sunday Beautiful Souls

💜 Tay Tay

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