She stopped living her life afraid &…….

You can live your entire life afraid or you can wake up.

The first step to creating real change is becoming aware of your own bullshit. I know I sure didn’t like it at first when my coach told me that my thinking was the problem, and it wasn’t fun to go through all the things that were keeping me stuck, but it sure as hell was worth it.

I gave up control and worrying and I turned them into acceptance and faith. You see it was indeed my own thought patterns that needed to change in order for me to start living from the light and coming from a place of gratitude.

I was the reason I was stuck and I had to take full accountability for what I wanted out of my life. I basically gave up everything and everyone that didn’t give me a positive vibe. It meant cutting relationships and friends and people out of my life because they didn’t make any deposits into my love tank, only withdrawals.

It meant spending a lot of time really sad and alone and afraid. It meant that I had to sit in the dark and still keep going. It meant that I had to admit my faults to myself and examine what role I played in keeping myself unhappy.

But in the end, I learned how to love myself differently by learning how to be alone. I began the process of shedding all the thoughts and the feelings that no longer served me and I learned an entire new way to love.

I learned how to truly love Tavia and I learned that until I was whole that I couldn’t even begin to love another person the way they deserved to be loved.

I am now able to share my story with you so that you can understand the power of love.

Ain’t nobody coming to save you so you had might as well learn how to save yourself.

I’m here if you need help getting started! Your so worth it!

She left behind all things that weren’t full of light and she surrounded herself with unconditional love ❤️

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