Trust or Control?

Good morning beautiful souls! I just spent night number 2 in my house and I’m sipping on my coffee as I write this from the comfort of my own couch.

Did you know that it’s absolutely impossible to be trusting and to be into control at the same time?

They are absolutely polar opposites, and they each bring their own energy to the table.

Control is consumed by worry and what ifs. It’s ego driven and it’s a waste of good energy, because in the end we can only control ourselves.

Control is an illusion that makes us feel safe, when in fact it keeps us small and prevents us from ever feeling real joy.

Trust on the other hand, says I know that there’s a plan for me. I am not in control because I fully accept where I am in my life.

I trust that the timing is quite perfect for everything and that even though I might sometimes feel the pull towards control, I’m able to release the fears and accept that the next chapter of my life is going to be the best chapter yet.

I’m 100% an empath with a mission here on this earth. I feel things so deeply and that’s both a blessing and curse, depending on the situation.

I used to try to control everything because I was so afraid. I used to try to prove myself to those who didn’t understand me and I felt the need to prove them wrong.

But then I learned how to love myself and it was a real game changer. Instead of trying to manipulate people into seeing things the way I did, I just let go.

I forgave myself and I let go of the fears that often times consumed me. I learned that my self worth didn’t come from outside validations, but from a true sense of loving Tavia just the way she is.

I decided it was time to create something new, even if it meant I was going to have to do it alone. (So freaking hard)

I know life’s crazy and then it’s wonderful and then it’s sad and then it’s amazing again. It’s just the way it is! But I also know that once you stop trying to control things and your willing to trust the plan that’s laid out for you, life will become less heavy.

A huge part of what people don’t understand is that you are manifesting your future with your current thoughts.

If your constantly afraid then you are going to perpetuate more fear. But if you can get into your heart then that my friends is where the joy lies.

May your weekend be full of trust

💜 Tay Tay

“She was commuted to what was rising in her. That a part of her died and was reborn. Every. Single. Day.”

Rebecca Campbell

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