The next chapter

Yesterday I spent the entire day moving home. I was and I still am, full of all sorts of emotions. Holy moly it’s been forever since I’ve lived here, and now I’m going to be living here as a single momma.

I’m emotionally drained from the entire event. I keep reminding myself to take my own advice. To be gentle with myself and to make sure to honor what ever it is that my heart might need that day.

I never knew how hard this was going to be! Exciting and amazing and hard and emotional.

I’ve got piles of stuff everywhere and I can’t even begin to tell you about the amount of work that I have ahead of me.

But I know that it will keep me busy and focused on things that will bring me joy, because home is where the heart is and where the love flows freely.

I’ve been missing my house for months now, but now I’m back in it. I’ve been saging the shit out of it to get out all the negativity. And also to get rid of any lingering energy from unwelcome guests that entered the home.

I won’t be in any rush to do anything because it will all be waiting on me when I finally decide to dig in.

The present moment is all we really have, so I hope that you learn to live awake.

I’m going to fill my cup with lots of girl time and I’m going to slowly test the waters of love once again.

I hope you have the best weekend ever!

💜 Tay Tay

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