It’s totally up to you to fill your cup

Friends you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s up to you fill it. You can’t do anything good for yourself or anyone else if your cups empty.

You’ve got to decide who and what fills you up and who drains you and then you have to protect your energy.

I’ve got lots of different ways to fill my cup, but my favorite way is with the people I love. I make time every single week for those I love.

Life’s passing us by every single second and I understand that you think you have time but let’s be honest none of us know what’s happening tomorrow.

There’s nothing more important in my entire life then the relationships that I’ve built over the years.

My cup is over flowing this summer for the first time in a long time and it’s because I got serious about where I spend my time.

I think the best gift I could ever give my children is the gift of self love. And learning how to honor your own feelings is a must.

I hope that you spend time doing things that add value to your soul.

I hope that you teach your kids that in order to love wholeheartedly they have to first love themselves.

I hope that you realize the little things are actually the big things and that the love that you give away will always come back to you.

I hope that your brave enough to create a new life that’s based off of love instead of fear.

I hope that you learn that time is an illusion because the present moment is all that we truly have.

Thanks for reading my blog beautiful souls I am blessed by you

💜 Tay Tay

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