It took me 45 years to fall in love with myself

We as women have a gift that we need to pass on to the young women around us.

We have to teach them how to love themselves in a way that we weren’t taught.

Girls don’t just decide to hate their bodies we teach them. It’s taken me 45 years to be able to look in the mirror and love the body that I live in.

And there are still times in the middle of my consciousness that I begin to beat myself up when I look in the mirror but now I’m able to stop myself from going down that road.

I say to myself wait a minute sister! You are 45 years old and you are so amazing! I also say I love your curves and your beautiful shape. I love you skin and your tan and your hair. I love your heart! I love you! And continue to find the things that I love about myself and I say them out loud.

(Yes at first it’s weird it’s awkward it’s new but just do it anyways!)

I want you to know that your daughters are listening to everything that you say. They learn self love or hate from you.

It would be an amazing thing to raise a generation of girls that knew that they were so much more then their bodies.

That they were beautiful no matter what their size or shape and that it’s really their heart that matters.

Is their heart pretty? Do they shine their light into the world?

The worlds needs more light and you can do your part to share love by learning how to love yourself.

I promise that once you learn how to become your own best friend that things are going to change.

You are going to develop a new voice and new lens through which you see yourself and the world and everything’s going to be a lot brighter.

It doesn’t matter what your outside looks like it truly only matters how you feel about yourself. Your whole self πŸ’œ

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