Letting go isn’t a one time thing

Letting go is a lesson we all need to learn. Control is an illusion anyways, yet so many of us spend a shit ton of our energy trying to control the outcome of something that we can’t even begin to change.

Letting go requires a certain amount of consciousness and a quite a bit of determination.

Letting go doesn’t mean your quitting or that your weak, in fact it’s just the opposite. It requires a great deal of strength to let go, because that means things are going to change and they are going to be different.

Nobody likes change, so staying the same is always the easy way out. Leaving your comfort zone is where all internal growth occurs.

Letting go isn’t easy because we’ve tricked ourselves into believing we’re in control when we are not.

At first letting go is scary AF, but after a while it comes with the most peaceful feeling in the entire world. It’s acceptance at its core and it’s the true meaning of presence.

Some days you might have to let go 100 times and some days you might only have to let go once.

No matter the day just let go!

I love you friends

💜 Tay Tay

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