How To Write A Love Letter To Your Soul

A love letter to yourself! May you all take the time to learn the things that you love about yourself instead of the things that you hate.

A letter to my soul

I love you with a filter and I love you without

I love all the work you’ve done on your heart

I love that you can forgive no matter how bad it hurts

I love that you never stop working on you

I love how faithful you are

I love how loud you are

I love your dirty mind

I love that you give without expecting to receive

I love that you have boundaries

I love that you tell it like it is

I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve

I love that you’re brave enough to start over

I love that you’re not afraid to show your ugly sides

I love that you choose to shine after all that you’ve been through

I love that you’re vulnerable and that you’re real

I love that you’ve learned how to love yourself

I love that you don’t push your emotions away

I love the authentic relationships you’ve created over the years

I love the new voice that you’ve developed

And I love that your a leader a teacher a lover a friend

I love you girl 💜

Your biggest fan



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