Grace Like Rain

I had to learn how to have Grace like rain. I had to learn how to practice that grace on myself because it wasn’t something that I was taught.

I don’t think many of us are taught how to love ourselves let alone forgive ourselves.

I’ve been on a journey to heal my heart and by doing so I’m no longer surrounded by the same people.

It’s been the most difficult lesson I’ve ever had to learn but I think it’s exactly what had to happen.

I stopped running away from my childhood and I faced it head on. I took down every single wall that I had around my heart and I began to create a new space inside myself.

I truly began to learn how to show up for Tavia in a way that made me become my own best friend.

I learned how to stop shutting down and running away and I created a new voice that’s still often times very shaky.

But it’s getting stronger every single day. You see I decided that I could use my life as an excuse to repeat the same dysfunction that was passed onto me or I could decide that it all stops with me.

Mastering yourself is by far one of the hardest and the scariest things that you can ever do, but right on the other side of all that fear is a shit ton of freedom and unconditional love for yourself.

And baby let me tell you that your worth it!

💜 Tay Tay

I’m a wholehearted girl with a lot of love left inside her heart to share with the world and the bravest thing I can ever do is to love again and again and again.

May you all learn to love yourself so that you can pass that gift onto your kids

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