This Summer………I Found The Girl I Used To Be

Happiness is an inside job and it’s totally up to you. You’ve got to learn to live in a way that makes you feel alive and free instead of trapped and overworked.

Sometimes in life we get stuck and we don’t know how to move forward or to change anything. We live our lives congruent with the way that we think the world wants us to live.

We can’t even hear what our souls whispering to us because we stay to damn busy to listen.

But when you finally take the time to be still you will find that you can create a whole new life because you’ve learned how to tune into your heart instead of your head.

Stop letting other people tell you how you should live and start taking responsibility for your own happiness.

Find blessings in the every day miracles like your kids and your friends. Stop hanging out with people who conspire to make you small and who suffocate you with their opinions of what they think you should be.

Learn to find them beauty in the little things such as a beautiful sky and a country cruise.

Learn to count your blessings instead of your problems.

Understand that tomorrow is not promised and that life’s a big beautiful gift and that you’ve got some magic to put into the world.

Ride the Donkey!

Go on the date!

Say yes to party and yes to the wedding!

Say yes to the adventure of love and connection because it’s the only medicine that truly heals the heart.

Take time to be lazy!

Work less and play more and your soul will come alive.

Happiness isn’t given to you, but it can be learned.

My hope for you is that you hang out with people who make you feel alive and that your brave enough to start over if that’s what needs to happen.

This summer I found the girl I used to be.

I love you beautiful souls

I’m bringing sexy back 💜

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