This 4th of July I’ll Do What’s Best For Me

Good morning Beautiful Souls and Happy 4th of July.

Today I’m struggling because as you already know my best friend lost her battle with cancer and I spend every 4th with her.

I was going to go hang out at her house like I always do because that’s what she would have wanted. It’s also my first 4th being a single lady and that’s where the shit just gets weird.

You see a little birdie told me that my ex just might show up at my best friends house today. I was super confused because I can’t imagine going and hanging out with his best friend.

But none the less after all I’ve been through in the last 9 months I thought there just might be some truth to this rumor.

So instead of jumping to conclusions I send my ex a text and ask him if he plans on going to my friends house.

(Disclaimer our husbands only hung out with each other because we made them #TruthsWithTayTay)


He says yes!

I’m pretty sure when you break up, that you don’t attend the same holiday parties anymore.

So not only am I missing my best friend I’m also going to miss celebrating with her family because he wants to be there?!?!?

So this year I won’t be doing what I always do because I refuse to play these games. I’m not spending the 4th with my ex at a party that we’ve gone to together for years. That’s just weird!

I’ll celebrate Renee’ because that’s what I always did, she would want me to have fun today


One day this will all be behind me and I won’t ever have to feel like this again.

This year I’m going to do what’s best for me And I’m not looking back

Stop giving your power away and never hang out with those who don’t celebrate your awesomeness

Happy 4th Friends I love you

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