The real reason you keep giving your power away

I used to be just like you!

I’m living proof that you can change your life by changing your mind.

I was wondering through my life aimlessly and I felt so disconnected from my spirit I wasn’t even sure if she was still inside of me.

I would sometimes hear a voice whisper to me and I would wonder where she was hiding.

As I began to strengthen my spirit I found myself on a new adventure and it turned out to be the most important job of my entire life.

My gift comes in the form of being real and after years of trying to escape I finally embraced it.

I learned how to look within. I stopped blaming everyone else for where my life was and I took responsibility for myself.

I knew that I was the truly the only person in this entire world that I could control so I set out to make friends with my heart for the first time in my entire life.

It’s not easy to look within because most of us didn’t have enlightened parents. But I’m here to tell you that if your willing to master your own darkness that there’s a light on the other side that shines so bright that you’ll never feel alone again.

There’s a place deep inside you that’s so full of love that it can be scary and overwhelming. There’s a place of peace right on the other side of fear and it’s the most glorious feeling in the entire world.

But you have to learn how to stop caring what other people think. You’ve got to learn why you are on this earth and then you’ve got to give your gift away.

Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. But you don’t have to own others views of you. You don’t have to wear the labels that keep you small, because you can learn a new way.

Every single bit of my pain has brought me to this very moment. I no longer resent anything negative that’s happened to me because it’s all a part of who I am.

I couldn’t be me without every single one of my life experiences.

What an amazing feeling it is to stand in the dark and know that no matter what your going to be ok.

When you know who you are at the core of your being no one can take your power away.

True power comes from showing up and being you without any apologies ever.

True power comes from speaking truth to bullshit.

True power comes from building others up.

The world doesn’t need more followers it need more leaders and I am here to lead you to the light.

The real reason you give your power away is simply because you haven’t learned how to love you!

Peace God Bless Namaste

💜 Tay Tay

Spiritual life coach

8 thoughts on “The real reason you keep giving your power away

  1. I consider myself a very giving person, except when it comes to giving my power away. I suppose if I didn’t feel it served me so well, I’d hand it off to someone else, but that is not the case, so nope, you can’t touch this! 🙂


    1. Beautiful girl first of all I want you to know that your hearts a precious gift. I know when you love like we love it can seem like a curse but imagine the opposite of feeling to much which is not feeling at all! No thank you! I know real live people who can’t feel and I wouldn’t trade places with them ever. You just got to learn to love yourself wholeheartedly before you will attract the right man into your life! I love you your perfect

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