The truth is we’ve all been hurt, some of us worse than others

How did Ernest Hemingway know me so well?

I read this and I found myself all in this quote.

Have you ever read something and felt very strongly about it? I loved this and felt it needed to be shared.

Notice that he says a feeling for beauty, not that you look beautiful. There’s a huge difference in looking beautiful and actually being beautiful. True beauty comes from the inside, it’s not egotistical. Beauty radiates from the inside out. It’s what you have to give that makes you beautiful, not what you can take.

Many times people are stuck on outward appearances. They think that having your hair and make up done make you beautiful. Sometimes people, even try to find beauty in where you live, or what you drive. But all of those things are egotistical, and materialistic. They come from the opposite of your heart, they come from your head.

Try as you might, to fill your life with things that will make you happy, and you will see that the happiness doesn’t last long. That’s because life isn’t about things, or what you’ve accomplished. Life is about making a difference in the world, even if it’s only in your world.

The next thing he talks about is the courage to take risks. Clearly everyone has different levels, of risks that they can take, but the point is they take them. I can name numerous people who changed history, and they didn’t do it my playing it safe.

Rosa Parks

Thomas Edison

Mother Theresa



Mark Zuckerberg

And literally millions more, but I think you get the point.

I can relate to what these people were thinking and feeling. I have the courage to take risks, and I also have the discipline to tell the truth.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth, they only want to listen to their truths. But I don’t have time for those small minded people, I need to collaborate with the people of the world who have been hurt, and wounded, and who are ready to turn their vulnerabilities into their dreams.

The truth is we’ve all been hurt, and we’ve all felt pain in our lives. Some of us worse than others, but we’ve all been broken. But what really matters, what sets some people apart from the others, is what they’ve decided to do with their pain.

Are you the victim of your own life?


Are you the hero who’s going to be the change?

When your ready for something new I am here to help you!

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