10 things to give up today to live a happier life

Everyone wants happiness but is everyone willing to admit that they are in control of their own happy?

  • Give up the need to be right. That’s a part of your ego and it’s never going to change, it’s always going to want to be right. But when it comes to living a happy fulfilled life then you can’t get stuck on a silly thing like being right. I’d much rather be happy then be right! Just remember that the choice is yours.
    Stop caring what other people think of you. It’s such a wasted energy and one that you can never control. If it’s someone you love then you most certainly should cherish and value their opinion. But, if it’s someone that doesn’t matter then let me tell you friends that their opinion sure as hell doesn’t matter. We spend way to much time caring about frivolous things that are out of our control. It’s time to focus on you.
    Give up judgment. We are all guilty of judging thats for sure, but we can also learn how to stop being so small minded. When were judging people we can’t love them and that’s a fact. I prefer love over judgment because it feels so much better and it makes up lighter instead of darker.
    Give up the need to people please. That was ok when you were younger and you didn’t know any better. Now your kids are watching you and it’s time to teach them how to stand up for themselves. Don’t you dare say yes to another thing that leaves you feeling empty or emotionally drained on the inside. (That’s called co-dependency)
    Let go of the need to have the last word. Who even cares? Seriously if your arguing with stupid your not going to get very far anyways. Having the last word is like arguing with a teenager and who wants to be a teenager? (Unless it’s a teenager in love 😍 wink wink)
    Give up over scheduling your life. We’re Not supposed to be busy all of the time. We need to learn how to have down time to chill and to renew our minds and our hearts. Make time to do nothing with yourself or with those that you love and your mood will change dramatically for the better. The world needs so much more chill.
    Give up negative self talk. Become aware of the gremlins in your mind and promise to not believe them ever again. Learning to love yourself is one of the most magical gifts you can ever give yourself and the world
    Give up control. It’s an illusion anyways. Learn how to accept every single situation for what it is. You are either heading towards the light or towards the dark and the choice is always yours. Accepting life the way it is versus the way it should be is a huge part of living awake and practicing consciousness.
  • Give up the pain in your heart. Take the time to learn what hurts you carry inside your own heart. Learn how to heal the broken child inside of you and then you will be able to create a new way of living and loving. It’s hard to go back and take the walls down but I promise you the love on the other side of fear is absolutely worth the work.
  • Give up the toxic people in your life. Wish them well, and then block and delete their asses. You must learn to go where your celebrated not where your controlled. Go where you can be yourself. You have to love yourself enough to recognize when your being mistreated and then you have to be strong enough to say good bye. There’s like 7 billion people in the world, stop wasting time with people that aren’t in your tribe. And stop making excuses for people that treat you like poop.

I hope you have an amazing week mines sure off to a great start.

I love you beautiful souls

Peace God Bless Namaste

💜 Tay Tay

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