When you’re not sure what normal is

If I could answer the question that I get asked the most “How did you change your life?” I would tell you all the exact same thing.

You have to do the shit that scares you and makes you uncomfortable. You have to get brave enough to bypass your own bullshit.

You have to understand unequivocally that you are responsible for you, and that wherever you are it’s because of all the choices that you’ve made this far.

We as humans are all the same. We want what we can’t have, and when we finally get what we wanted, it’s as though it’s never enough.

So what if the problem truly is you?

I know it’s hard to believe that your creating your own chaos but it’s completely true.

When you take the time to get to know yourself then you can learn exactly how your keeping yourself from achieving your goals.

We often want to blame others for where we are in our lives, but you need to learn to take some responsibility for your actions friends.

Life is not happening to you it’s responding to you and that is also known as the law of attraction.

You will always receive the same energy that your putting out.

So I ask you this…….

What is it that your afraid of?

Because that’s the very thing that’s leading you.

💜 Tay Tay

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