This was the summer…..

This is the summer I decided to let go, and love again.

This is the summer when I’m brave enough to chose myself.

This is the summer of happy and I’m ready to embrace it all:

There will be times in your life when you have to make a choice that between feeling comfort and learning to love again.

And some of you will choose comfort and thats ok, your just not strong enough yet, but one day you will be.

I promise even when it feels like your not ready, one day you will find your voice again and you will use it.

This summer is different and I’m ok with it, because it’s time to feel alive and happy and it’s time to keep it real friends.

Life’s so freaking short and I won’t ever compromise another minute with those who don’t love all me.

After all when you finally love all of yourself, and every single bit of messy you won’t ever go back to sleep walking through your life.

Tell people how you feel! Stop being afraid! If you like someone tell them. If you want something go after it and never be afraid of rejection.

The summer of 2019 was the summer that I reclaimed my happy and I hope you do to.

I love you friends

Thanks for reading and supporting my dreams πŸ’œ

Peace God Bless Namaste

8 thoughts on “This was the summer…..

      1. Thank you very much my friend ⚘ It was an amazing lovely experience. However, you should read my blog To Close To Home……I am single now. That’s why I asked you to catch up on my blogs


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