I’m not the same girl that I was last summer

I’m not the same girl that I was last summer.

I’m not even a little bit close to the same.

In fact there’s not a single thing in my life that’s the same as it was last summer unless you count my amazing kids, parts of my family, and of course some of my friends.

You see while I’ve pretty much been through hell recently, this chapters almost over and I’m ready to start writing the next one.

Being brave doesn’t always feel easy. I’ve had to do some really hard shit to create a new happier world for myself and my family. Which means I also had to stop blaming everyone else for my unhappiness and I worked through all my childhood traumas.

If you don’t think you have anything from your childhood that effects you today then you must have had some really emotionally available parents that taught you well and I’m excited for you,

But if your like most people, you’ve been though some shit in your life, and most of it wasn’t even your fault.

I learned how to healed every bit of my broken that made me feel unloveable and unworthy. I reclaimed my power from the voices in my head and from the people in my life that didn’t respect me, or love me unconditionally.

I got real with Tavia and I finally loved her in a way that I never even knew was possible. And I have to keep up the work every single day, and taking the armour off isn’t easy!

Some people call them walls, whatever it is that holds you back from truly loving and living is the very fucking thing that will set you free.

Our minds make so much drama and pain for ourselves that we really believe all the shit we think. But I learned a long time ago that I’m so much more then mind or my silly thoughts.

Eckhart Tolle was my mentor when it came to learning about consciousness and our brains and what an amazing gift it’s been. He’s by far one of my favorite teachers of this lifetime.

It’s not easy to choose love over fear, but the more you choose it the easier it becomes. And there’s no way in hell you can choose it 100% of the time but as soon as your realize your headed towards the dark you can come back to the light sooner.

My next chapters are going to be the best chapters of my entire life and I thank you for all of your love and your support.

I love the new me and I won’t ever stop shining my light 💜 I am an empath for a reason and I thank God for all the pain that turned to grace.

I choose love

I choose light

I choose happiness

I choose me 💜

Peace God Bless Namaste

Stay tuned

For amazing things friends

The worlds ready for my magic

Been through some bad shit

I should be a sad bitch

Who woulda thought

It turned me to a savage

Ariana Grande

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