There will be times in your life………

There will be times in your life when things are amazing and full of light and love.

And there will be other times in your life when you will feel as though you can’t take anymore.

It won’t be like you have one problem! Its going to be like every single thing that could go wrong is going to happen all at the same time.

And not only are things going wrong in your life but they are going wrong in the lives of your best friends to. And best friends are like your freaking family and when they hurt then you hurt.

And just when your tempted to ask what could possibly happen next something else totally unexpected, but off the hook is going to happen.

For me it was my accident, it’s something thats going to makes you question everything you already know to be true.

It’s something that threatens to steal your entire soul because it’s that overwhelming. And this doesn’t mean that there won’t be more, because when your in the middle of the storm it’s not going to let up.

But here’s something that I can promise you to be true. If you continue to have faith even when your not sure what’s going to happen next then you will still be able to find a blessing even in the middle of the storm.

You should also know that the storm won’t last forever! It will pass one day and you will be a much stronger and kinder person when it’s all over.

You will learn how strong you are because you never gave up and you never quit.

The best thing I can share with you to do is to talk to someone when your feeling overwhelmed. Don’t take on this life alone, use the friends and the family that you have because their love will see you through.

Get out of your own head and connect on a real level with those who love you. And for sure make lots of new friends along the way because life is short and tomorrow’s not promised.

There will be times in your life that make no sense, and there will be times when you couldn’t feel more at home.

This is what life’s all about and when you show up without the armor you can truly feel the love.

Never give up beautiful souls your miracle is just around the corner!

I love you friends

💜 Tay Tay

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