Bringing out your wild

As I was sitting down trying to decide what to write about today I was immediately drawn to being authentic.

The world is full of fake and it’s full of fear and it’s really full of people who want to point the finger at each other and judge one another.

But what the world needs more of is real. It needs more people that are brave enough to stand up to the bullies. It needs more friends that aren’t afraid to speak the truth when someone is wrong.

The world needs more light and more love and I’m so happy that I’ve been chosen to share your authentic with you.

My entire life I’ve always felt as though I never fit in. And for many many years it was frustrating and I hated it. I wanted so desperately to be like everyone else but at the exact same time I felt like an imposter anytime I had to conform.

It’s quite confusing I know because I’m still living it, but I’ve got a few things figured out now.

You see God didn’t make me like everyone else for a reason. He made me strong because he knew all that I would have to overcome.

He made me love unconditionally and with my entire heart because he knew that I would need that love to heal the world.

He took every single bit of my pain and he’s turned it around to make my life better then it’s ever been.

He made me mouthy because I’m strong enough to stand up for others, and I won’t back down.

I’m a lover an empath and a healer.

My mission is different then yours so please don’t compare the 2.

The most important thing in my entire life has been and always will be my relationships with those that I love, and now I get to teach people how to show up for themselves.

I get to teach you how to heal your heart and to grow into your most authentic self, but only because I did the work on my own heart first.

Being a spiritual healer isn’t for the weak, but we don’t do weak in this family.

We do Real!

May you learn to show up for yourself and may you always be brave enough to share what’s on your heart and not what’s in your mind.

I love you all so very much

I cannot thank you enough for all of your support during these crazy months and I promise you very very soon my writing will be back to normal.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

Let’s get wild 😜

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