Your next chapter is going to be amazing

Good Monday morning beautiful friends around the world. I hope your Mother’s Day was full of love and laughter, and that you spent time filling your cup over the weekend.

As I’m gearing up for another week of being in the meantime, I’m fully amazed by the every day miracles that surround me. We must learn to have the courage to forgive ourselves and to move on.

We’ve got to learn how to practice more presence and less stress. We need to take the voice of the inner critic and fine tune it.

We need to be able to live in the now and know that the future is going to be fucking fabulous. You’ve got to become your own hero friends, because ain’t nobody coming to save you! Save yourself or remain unsaved.

You are worthy of love just the way you are but you’ve got to be able to give yourself that love before you can give it to anyone else. May you learn to overcome your own BS so you can share your light.

Peace God Bless Namaste

Love Tay Tay

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