New Adventures On Mother’s Day

What an amazing day I’ve had. It’s completely different then the way I’ve spent the last 20 years but it was absolutely perfect. New means firsts and firsts mean awkward but awkward means growth and that my friends is what life’s all about.

I started the morning off with this beautiful girl going to church and celebrating Mother’s Day. They always do such an amazing job of honoring the ladies in the church that I cry a lot during the service. But what a blessing to be honored and celebrated for all that we do. It’s truly what my heart needed this morning on every single level.

As you know from my previous blogs my best friend, of for freaking ever, Lajla is in town and we took the kids to Marysville for lunch. We we’re starving and ready to try something new. We ended up at The Half Pint and absolutely loved it.

We may have eaten to much food…….but it’s Mother’s Day right?!?!?!?!

Peyton and Soren held still long enough so I could get a picture of them, before they were off exploring together again. He pulls her along by the finger to get her to do what he wants. It’s the cutest thing ever. They’ve become best buddies over the last month, just like their mommas.

I’ve feel so thankful to be able to spend time with my friend that it’s almost like a dream come true. A complete blessing in the middle of some crazy times in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day 💜

Peace God Bless Namaste

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