I’m a ride or die girl…….

I’m a ride or die kind of girl

I’m all in or I’m not in at all

I don’t half ass love or friendship

And I’m loyal as fuck

I say what’s on my mind and my heart

And I show up even when life gets heavy

I’m far from perfect but I’m as real as they come


This morning My heart needed a little reminder about who I was, so I sat down to write and that’s what I came up with.

There’s no denying that my entire life is a bit chaotic right now. I don’t even know what the world comfortable means and I’m ok with that because I have to be.

There are 3 major events occurring in my life at the exact same time and to say I’m being tested is a fucking understatement. I’ve been through more shit in the last year and a half then I’ve been through my entire life, but I’m still going strong.

And there are plenty of moments I think to myself……

How are you still doing this?!?!

Why aren’t you freaking out?

When are you going to lose your shit?

But then I don’t actually freak out or lose my shit, because I see how strong I’ve become during the last couple of years.

I understand that my ride or die is actually my saving grace and it’s one of the exact qualities that I need to survive these storms like a boss.

Please don’t beat yourself up for being you. Stop trying to please everyone else and learn how to love yourself.

If you don’t know what you stand for then you will fall for anything. Surround yourself only with those who make your light shine brighter.

If they threaten or dull your light in any way shape or form, those are not your people.

I promise you that when you finally let go, and accept and love yourself wholeheartedly, then anyone who’s not real will automatically fall away.

Authentic repels fake every single time it’s the way the world works.

One day I hope your brave enough to show up for you. I hope that you love wholeheartedly a million more times and that you learn when you should let go, or when you should try harder.

You will absolutely know when your tribe shows up because it will feel a little bit like heaven. They will accept you and love you just the way you are. You will never be to much, or to loud, or to outspoken or to real when you are with your crew.

And if they judge you, or reprimand you let them go. Don’t try to convince them of how great you are. Learn when to put a period instead of a comma and move on because the magic lies in your ability to let go and to love again.

I love everything about my heart and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

You will know that your with the right lovers because you won’t need to change a single thing. They will love you and your mess 💜

Loyal AF

💜 Tay Tay

(Next weeks huge for me send me your positive mojo)

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