To the girl that’s learning to use her voice again

I’m so proud of you for using your voice and speaking your truth. There’s not a more vulnerable thing in this entire world that you could do. I know how hard it is to speak when your afraid or unsure, but you’ve got to start doing it.

I know for years you’ve done things one way and now your trying to do things differently. Your reclaiming your authentic voice which was lost during your child hood and I’m so excited for you to learn how to use it.

When you don’t speak up you lose parts of yourself to other people. You literally give away your power to keep the peace or to make them happy, but that’s not the right thing to do.

That’s unhealthy as hell and you’ve got to change it starting today.

We are creating a new generation of women. Girls that use their voices even when they shake.

Girls that know that you can be afraid and brave at the exact same time. Girls who are not people pleasers and not bitches either.

Girls who are vulnerable and badass at the same time. Strong, faithful, confident women.

If we want to change the world girls we can’t be like the world. We have to bring a new balance and energy forth being women today. We have to learn to how to have the hard conversations, and how to speak up even we’re afraid.

The next time you find yourself pushing your own feelings aside to make someone else happy I hope you remember this blog.

I hope that you can muster the courage to speak your truth and to do it wholeheartedly because your so worth it.

💜 Tay Tay

2 thoughts on “To the girl that’s learning to use her voice again

  1. Well done if you’re learning to use your voice again. Don’t be scared to speak up whether its to defend yourself or your friends or to talk about something that is important to you. We can all make a difference to the world we just need to learn how to have those hard conversations.

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