Learning to bypass your own judgments and bullshit

I’m fairly new to the dating scene and after 20 years with the same guy it seems I’ve got a shit ton to learn. (It’s a good thing I’m a personal development and spirit junkie)

Clearly being single brings about a whole new set of joys and dramas. I remember thinking I would never want to go through the dating process again, but I was just lying to myself. (This shits exciting)

There’s so many fun things about being single again. There are a million new feelings I get to feel every single week and it’s been fucking forever ever since I’ve felt some of these emotions.

There are times I’m completely flattered by the things men say to me and then there are other times when I’m like no you did not say that or send that! (But this does make me laugh)

Here’s the biggest difference I’ve made when it comes to my mindset and men.

Instead of saying nope he’s not my type, he’s not my type, and he’s not my type, I’ve decided to create a new type.

Clearly looks aren’t enough at this point in my life. I’m learning how to talk to other guys that I probably wouldn’t even normally notice.

And not because they aren’t nice and cute, just because I was so judgmental.

I had to say no way to a 22 year old as flattered as I was, and yes even Though I thought he was super cute that’s just to young for Tay Tay.

My maiden name was Robinson but I’m not that Mrs. Robinson.

When you can learn to love yourself then you can attract a new kind of guy into your life. (This does not mean you won’t still attract selfish arrogant assholes because you will) But the difference is that you will be able to read through their bullshit a whole faster and you won’t waste a bunch of time and energy on them.

My favorite tag line right is for sure “Thank You Next”

When you learn to love yourself then you learn to be yourself. There’s not a better feeling in this entire world then being comfortable in your own skin.

Someone will love you exactly the way you are. They will love every single bit of you even the broken parts. They won’t want you to change a thing and when you do grow it will because you guys are growing together.

Date the farmer you wouldn’t normally even look at.

Give the younger guy a chance because he’s sweet.

Date the bald guy that you would normally ignore.

Give the guy With a beard a chance.

Get to know they guy with the big truck even though he’s not your type.

Date younger date older.

Open your eyes and pay attention.

You never know where your next best friend might come from but you’ve got to be willing to get past yourself to create something new.

“Finally realizing I was never asking for too much I was just asking the wrong person”

I had the courage to let go and start over

I don’t want a boyfriend I want lots of friends 💜

I’m going to have the best spring and summer of my entire life!

💜 Tay Tay

Your the best for reading my blog I appreciate you

Peace God Bless Namaste

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