To the girl that’s trying to change her life

To the girl that’s trying to change her life, I see you and your not alone.

Girlfriend there are going to be good days and bad days along this journey, but I want you to focus on today.

Forget what happened last week or yesterday forget what you said wrong or did wrong and start focusing on all the shit that your doing right.

Someone pushes your buttons and you act a fool but you’ve gone 3 weeks without any negativity with that person then who cares about the second you lost it.

Don’t you dare give away the victory in the 3 week hustle for the one second where you flipped your lid.

You are strong and brave and bold and capable and your strong as fuck for changing your life.

Look at how many people live a miserable unhappy life just because they fear change.

But not you!

You my sweet girl are jumping in with both feet and taking your life to a new level so don’t beat yourself up.

You’ve got more courage then most people I know and it doesn’t matter what anyone else in the entire world thinks. What matters is that you are a badass warrior of light and love.

I promise you the more you focus on the things your doing right the less negative self talk you will have in your head.

The more positive people you will attract into your life. But only because you were brave enough to let go.

To the girl who’s brave enough to change her life you are about to be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams but your going to have to embrace the storms to get to the sunshine ☀️

Keep your eyes open for the blessings along the way because every single day there will be a new one.

Be open to meeting new people and trying new things especially with people that aren’t like you!

Get the hell out of your norm and learn to have fun again because life’s way to short to be anything but happy.

I’m proud of you and so are many others. Keep your heart open so that it can receive the love that your truly deserve.

May your Saturday be filled with lots of laughter and love 💜

Thanks for reading my blog beautiful souls

Peace God Bless Namaste

Break the chains and fly away forever free to be your authentic self 💜

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