Taking my own advice…..

Good morning beautiful souls. I’ve missed you the last couple of days, but I’m back.

In the midst of the chaos there are times when I feel as though I’m failing at life. Then there are other times when I’m confident and sure that I’m exactly where I need be.

Then there are times when I’m like girl you need to take your own advice. You need to get real with being your own best friend.

I don’t care if that happens to sound cliche because it’s simply the truth. I do need to listen to the shit I tell my clients. So with that in mind (no pun intended)my hearts got a message for my head.

My heart says brave girl you are doing amazing fucking things. You are tough and strong and mighty and you are killing it one day at a time.

Your life is full of firsts and every single thing you do is new, so be gentle with yourself. Stop judging yourself and learn to love yourself a whole lot more.

In fact make that your mission πŸ’œ learn to love yourself so much that you recognize when anyone else is mistreating you.

Your more then half way through the storms and soon it will all be over.

You are strong and bold and beautiful. You are exactly where you need to be and God has big plans for you and your future.

Don’t doubt how far you’ve come and what strength it takes to do what your doing. Your life is foggy and murky right now, but one day really soon the suns going to shine again I promise.

Until then have some fun πŸ’œ because you my glorious girl deserve it.

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