Staying happy simply means letting go of the things that make you sad

Good morning beautiful souls!

I’ve absolutely had the best week this week, that I’ve had in a really long time and it’s all because I took my power back.

I’ve changed my entire life by letting go of people and things that don’t make me happy.

I used to spend so much energy trying to change people who have no desire to change, until I finally realized that was never going to work. So I turned around and I used all of that exact same energy on learning to control myself.

And not even necessarily control it’s a bit more like letting go of all the thoughts that threaten to keep me small, while investing in my heart because that’s where the magic is.

It’s a form of acceptance instead of denial.

Living a life full of love and spirituality isn’t for everyone, but for me there’s no other options. I am a healer a truth teller and a light seeker. My mission is different then yours and I fully embrace this wholeheartedly.

When I read the above quote it impacted my heart like no other! It’s pretty fucking deep but it’s 100% true. We’re stuck in our generational dysfunction and we’re to afraid to heal the traumas because we don’t want to upset anyone, especially the story that we tell ourselves.

If we Change the voices in our head then we might have to actually question the stories we’ve told ourselves for years. (And those stories aren’t even true, quit drinking the kool aid)

If you want to change anything your going to have to get real with yourself. Your going to have to be brave and learn more about the real you then you ever have in your entire life.

You must be willing to take down the walls around your heart if you want to experience a new kind of love and light.

It’s scary friends but it’s also sooooooooo worth it.

This week I experienced lots of new things all over again and I loved every single minute of the exploration. It’s refreshing to be able to move forward and to meet new people and to learn to love from a place of light instead of a place of fear.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much more I love my life now, even in the middle of all my storms. It doesn’t matter that I’m currently toothless and that I’m living at my moms house, because these things are just another part of making me a bad ass warrior of light and love.

It would be easy to quit loving life and myself right now, but that’s not how I was made. I’ve been able to find a positive in the midst of all the negative because that’s my fucking superpower.

And I’ve also been able to meet a shit ton of new people to all because I’m not afraid to let go and start over.

Beautiful people never ever think for one second that your too broken to receive the love your heart desires, because your not. In fact the cracks are where the light gets in and the love can seep it’s way back into your heart.

Don’t live a life that’s full of regrets!

Instead learn to live a life that’s full of love and adventure and excitement! Stop playing your life small to make other people happy, because your here to create your own destiny.

Say yes to things that make your palms sweaty and your heart beat fast and say no to people that bring you drama.

I’m smiling and I’m glowing and I’m living my best life yet. I don’t live in a place full of fear, instead I’m doing what my heart wants and telling my head to be quiet.

I decide who comes and who goes and I decide what stays and what needs renewed. When your completely whole all by yourself, everyone else is an added bonus. When you need absolutely nothing but love to survive you are a force to be reckoned with.

There are parts of me that I thought were dead that aren’t dead at all. They were just waiting on me to be brave enough to bring them back to life. Sure it means I might get hurt, but you can’t feel the light if your always avoiding the dark.

In fact I’ve never felt so empowered and full of love in my entire life and this is only the beginning.

Be brave

Be bold

Say yes to new adventures

Say yes to things that scare you

Activate the dormant parts

And heal the hurts

And your entire life will change

I hope your Saturday is full of laughter and love โค๏ธ

Have a great night we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s day tonight what are you doing?

Peace God Bless Namaste

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Confidence coach and lover of life

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