Embrace the suck

Some days you want to stay in bed and then you remember you can’t because you have a job, and your a parent and your a grown up. And so you get your ass up and you throw on some yoga pants, jump in your car and turn up the rap music and proceed to the salon where you will spend the day in front of a mirror making people beautiful. (Even if it’s not a feel beautiful day for you)

This is what real life is like sometimes. There are days when we’re just not feeling it. Days when I swear the moon 🌝 must have been in some sort of phase and all of our moods were affected by it.

I’m always telling my girlfriends and my coaching groups that some days you are going to feel sad or off, and that this is perfectly ok. In fact it’s quite normal and we need to learn to meet ourselves wherever we are for the day.

It’s as though we just think that we’re not aloud to have a bad day. We want the negative feelings to go away because they make us uncomfortable. But I’m telling you and myself as I write this that we need to learn how to have a shit ton more grace with ourselves.

We need to understand that all feelings are temporary! The good ones and the bad ones and as soon as we can accept them, the faster they will pass through us.

It’s ok if your a bitch today, because Chances are tomorrow you probably won’t be. It’s ok if you need to unplug and hide for a few hours or for an entire day.

Listen to your soul and what it needs and embrace the suck as my girl Brene’ Brown says. Take time to make friends with yourself and baby yourself just like you would your best friend.

Try to work out and do some yoga or meditation. Do things that will intentionally calm your soul and help slow down your mind. I promise you can master your emotions by embracing them all.

I hope the next time your feeling down, you remember this article and you give yourself a big fat hug and spend the day in the muck knowing that tomorrow will be completely different and you are perfectly normal.

Thanks for reading my blog sweet friends

Peace God Bless Namaste

πŸ’œTay Tay

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