Being normal is not necessarily a virtue

“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue?

It rather denotes a lack of courage.”

Aunt Frances


Who wants to fit in?

Not me

You do normal and boring and egotistical

And I’ll do crazy and magical and soulful!

It takes absolutely zero courage to be like the rest of the world. I see people every single day trying to climb the wrong ladder to success.

The only thing we are taking with us when we go are the things that we’ve cultivated in our hearts ♥️

So those are the very things I treasure

And I work on every single day

I’ve finally embraced my role as a leader, a healer, an empath, a writer, a lover and a coach.

I wasn’t always comfortable with these titles and I’ve had to learn how to heal my own heart in order to help heal others heal theirs.

If you want to live a life trying to be like everyone else then you shouldn’t be a leader. Leaders need be different and willing to speak truth to bullshit at all times.

We weren’t all made the same so why so many of you spend time trying to make someone else happy is beyond me.

(Your drinking the kool aid and you’ve been conditioned as fuck)

If your a misfit a truthteller a survivor a warrior or a rebel, then your mission is different! Take the time to heal your hurts and let your light shine brighter then ever.

Don’t worry about those miserable, judgmental, small minded assholes , they can’t comprehend big spirits and you my dear are not the jerk whisperer.

Don’t spend any more time apologizing for being different, clearly God made you that way for a reason.

Happy Saturday I love you friends


Let your freak flag fly so alllllll the othe freaks can find you

You be normal I’ll

Be over here doing weird planks all wrong with my crazy friends and laughing about it the entire time!

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