When was the last time you hugged or touched your teen?

Isn’t it the easiest thing in the world to love on a baby? I mean that shit just comes naturally, but as they begin to grow we sometimes forget that they still need love even when they are older.

We tend to live our lives separately from theirs all the while not taking care of their physical and their emotional needs.

Some parents weren’t hugged or kissed as kids, and so they don’t know how to show affection. Sure maybe they did the “routine” of a good night kiss or a hello hug, but these things don’t elicit love in any way.

They instead become some mandatory every day function much like brushing your teeth or taking a shower and no kid feels anything special from the mundane. There’s no real love or positive energy that flows from things that are expected.

As I was laying in bed this morning with my 14 year old daughter, instead of jumping up to make coffee, I reached over and wrapped my arms around her. I’m not sure when the last time was that I held her close but I knew today that I was going to stay there and love on her.

Partly because she will spending the night with her dad tonight and partly because I wanted her to feel loved. I was intentional with my thoughts and I choose cuddling her over getting on Facebook.

I might not have grown up in the most stable home when I was a kid, but I never once didn’t feel love. My mom and dad hugged me all of the time and told me they loved me for as long as I can remember.

They were emotionally available at all times even if they made a few mistakes. That in turn gave me the ability to love unconditionally and with all of my heart.

Today’s kids need more love, affection, and attention from their parents. We need to get real with what holds us back and what makes us feels awkward because our kids need us to show up for them.

I live in a world where school shootings and young kids commit suicide and this is the norm. I can’t even fathom that we’ve become desensitized to the deaths of youngsters and yet, somehow we don’t do anything to help our own children.

I’m writing this from my heart and I’m begging those of you who have middle school kids to step up to the plate.

Do things that feel weird and break the generational dysfunction of not being able to touch your children. Learn how to use your words so that you can have real conversations with them about their hearts and their minds.

They are here to teach you about yourself, and where you fall short.

The biggest gifts we can give to this world are the children with open hearts.

When was the last time you cuddled your kid?

Not the baby and not the toddler.

When was the last time you looked into their eyes and truly saw their souls?

You had these kids and now it’s up to you let them know how important they are to you. Become intentional with the time you spend with them. I don’t care what your parents did, because your supposed to do better then your parents did.

No more excuses start with you. Our youth need us now more then ever and I hope that your brave enough to show up for your own kids.

Start making intentional deposits into their bank accounts and learn how to love wholeheartedly through the gifts that you were given.

I’ve always cuddled my girl but lately I’ve been a slacker. As I write this blog today I’m promising to touch her and love her more.

💜 Tay Tay

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog

Peace God Bless Namaste

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