Getting your shit together requires a level of honesty that you can’t even imagine

I was most certainly blessed with the best friends ever and one of them sent me this yesterday.

I thought what a beautiful thing to send in the middle of the mess, and I resonated with the message on every level.

Learning to use your voice again after years of having it suppressed isn’t the easiest thing to do, which totally made me think of Ariel and how long she went without a voice.

Those Disney movies have the deepest underlying lessons if we’re able to dig a little deeper into the core of our subconscious and get real with what needs to change.

Sometimes we need to understand that we’re the reason that nothing changes. We are the cause and the effect of own lives and when we can finally learn how to get past ourselves then that’s when shit gets real.

Getting your shit together requires a level of honesty that you can’t even imagine. Why do you think I needed a coach and therapist to get past myself?!?!?

Most people don’t have what it takes to admit that they themselves are responsible for everything in their lives. Some people can’t look inside themselves and the idea of doing so scares them so freaking much that they will live the same shallow life year after year never really changing a thing.

This is other wise known as autopilot. Living the life you think you were supposed to live. Never interrupting the why of your life and asking yourself if this is what you wanted to do with your life?

As a life coach, empowering women is my thing, but they have to be willing to do the work themselves. I don’t care how many books you read, how many Ted Talks you watch, or how many coaches you hire, until your ready to take action, not a damn thing will change.

You can spend 10 hours a week learning but if your still unwilling to do something new you won’t ever change.

I’ve been hired to help someone and they’ve done the work and they’ve blossomed beautifully into the flower that they were supposed to come. It wasn’t because I did something magical with these people, it was simply because they listened and they did work.

Other times I’ve given people their money back & I’ve told them that I won’t be able to help them at all, simply because they aren’t doing the work that’s required to change. They are full of excuses and reasons why it won’t work.

(Don’t be an askhole)

Learning to love yourself and your life means that you’ve got to get real with you friends.

Want to know why you always end up in a one sided relationship? It’s because you don’t think your worthy of more.

Want to know why you gain all weight back that you lost? It’s because you don’t think your worthy.

Want to know why you can’t ever save money? Or why you save too much money? It’s the same answer over and over and over again!

Want to know why you always quit on yourself?

Because you are in charge of you.

You can’t change anything until your able to be real with you.

Maybe you weren’t taught about boundaries and standards and you spend way to much time avoiding life, so your probably never going to change, and that’s ok if that’s what you want.

You will never understand the amount of work I’ve put into learning to love myself until your ready to do the work yourself. Years and years of reading and writing and yoga and meditation have brought me to the place I stand today.

And even though it’s sometimes hard it’s also the most liberating experience of my entire life, because I was the one who did the work.

I’m a badass warrior goddess of light and love and I know exactly what I bring to the table, and that’s exactly why I’m not afraid to eat alone.

You can’t simply say you want change and then hope it happens. If you waste to much time in the future you will miss out on the now and you won’t ever change a thing.

If you want to change anything in your life then you have to learn your worth.

Don’t tell me you love yourself while your spouse disrespects you and treats you like shit.

Don’t tell me you love yourself when you allow the same friends to take advantage of you over and over again while you make excuses for them.

Don’t tell me you love yourself when your co-dependant with your parents and making them happy over making yourself happy is a priority.

Don’t tell me you love yourself when your willing to be used by strangers that you barely know just to not feel alone for a minute.

Don’t tell me you love yourself until your truly ready to get real with you.

Self love is my super power

Feeling is a blessing, and my

Empathy is why I am

Who I am!

I’ve worked entirely way to hard on myself to allow the small minds of others to control my life. Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one.

I know who I am and who I’m not and I know what I’ll tolerate and I also know what has to go.

I don’t make excuses for people because that’s not how we change. There’s a whole new world that doesn’t exist inside of your small mind.

It’s a spiritual place where the soul resides and it’s where the magic is waiting to happen. It’s full light and and there’s a lot of boundaries that exist there.

I live in a world that I’ve created and it’s the best I’ve ever been.

Fitting in is not for me!

I’m here to create a new world and you you can either

Watch me

Or you can join me 💜

But you won’t ever stop me

And this is only the beginning

Thanks for reading my heart and supporting my dreams 🙏

Love you

Peace God Bless


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