Single friends listen up

Yesterday I posted this on all of my social media platforms and some of you had me cracking up.

I think some people were honest and others were afraid to speak up, while others just wanted to give me personal advice on dating.

I’ve learned how to love myself wholeheartedly which is why I’m currently single. It turns out lots of people think being single today sucks.

I on the other hand am loving every single minute of putting myself first for the first time in 20 years.

I received a shit ton of inbox messages about dick pics and videos, which I found hilarious on so many levels. Because they weren’t lying, although I think men are totally turned on by the sight of body parts, woman actually prefer if you were in your underwear, or swimsuit and they don’t necessarily want to see you naked.

(Most women I do know a few who wouldn’t mind)

But this is what separates men from women, our brains. Other friends told me that they had met their spouses online and that they thought dating sites were an amazing way to meet someone new.

Other friends chimed in by saying that with the way technology is today they don’t think dating and courting even exist anymore. They shared with me that chivalry is dead and so is foreplay.

They said people don’t want to date or have a real connection, they just want to hook up.

It’s the instant gratification that comes with having so many choices at your fingertips. I laughed at so many things yesterday but mostly because I think lots of you were being completely honest and I love that about you.

I guess when it comes to dating in 2019 it’s a whole lot different then when I dated In 1999. I mean I used to have to beep my boyfriend on his pager and hope he could find a phone to call me back on.

Now a days you text a guy and he doesn’t answer, but he’s on Facebook. Or maybe you send him a Snapchat and he opens it but he doesn’t answer, but he sure does snap someone else.

I’m thinking these are clearly signals that these are not the guys or the ladies for you. Maybe dating in this century is different, but the same.

If you know your worth then you won’t waste it on a bunch of losers who play games. If they say that they are to busy then believe them. Don’t try to convince them of how awesome you are, just move on. Thank you Next!

Don’t try to make them see your worth it, because if they wanted to spend time with you they would.

I would love to hear from my friends in other states and other countries what you think about dating in these times.

I heard some really funny shit yesterday and I can’t wait to hear more.

Thanks for reading blog and for sharing your advice with me

Love you


God Bless


One thought on “Single friends listen up

  1. The dating world nowadays is scary and cruel!! I’m married and I have a family but that doesn’t stop guys from trying. If my husband and I split I would just be single because I don’t even desire to test those waters! I would just concentrate on my children, my work, and school. I’m not even interested in dating in the world today. I feel for those who do! With social media now everyone thinks they have to look a certain way or all the plastic surgery that young ladies ask for now because they want to be their idea of perfection. It doesn’t matter if you’re a super model and you have a beautiful personality there’s always some girl out there willing to do something you won’t do for your partner and they cheat on you with someone who you would never imagine him even taking a first look at. Now they have all these hookup sites to meet people in your area anytime anywhere and you just don’t know. Could you imagine if the internet was a real place?! It would be disgusting!! Just say you could walk into it like a shopping mall because that’s basically what is at hand!! Anything and everything you want and don’t want! Some of these dating sites are used to attract more young women into human trafficking and it’s a real problem in this day and age. I have had to defend my relationship more times than I even care to mention but it still doesn’t matter! I even had a man tell me to be careful, make sure I lock my truck at work or else he might be waiting on me one night in the backseat!! Talk about cringing and then the sick feeling in my stomach because he was serious!! Is that how men get women now? Revert back to caveman days and thump a girl over her head and drag her away like, “Mine!” It’s just so many things I could go on and on. I have been with my husband for 13 years for better or worse and I wish everyone well who is single and trying to find the right one out there. We’ve had our ups and downs but once we were married we worked together and got through the tough times together. I know some things can’t be worked out and relationships will end with divorce, but I’m just saying if that happens to me I will stay single and be happy just the same. I’m not going to even try if we ever do split I don’t want to test the waters but to those of you that are I just want you to be brave and smart. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!! Be safe ladies and please watch anyone you meet online and on the streets for that matter. Don’t sell yourself short take your time and don’t give all of yourself right away. Dating can be fun and you will value yourself more and so will he if you leave something to the imagination. Let him fall in love with you and not just your body and you do the same. You can only see the person’s true intentions if you actually take the time to get to know them and let them know you. I’m far from a love expert and my husband and I do have our problems but we didn’t jump into things and we got to know each other first and that’s what built our foundation and 13 years now and still going. Trust me, with any relationship there will be times that you want to smother him with kisses/pillows but if you truly love someone and they truly love you things will fall into place. Girls if you don’t want a relationship and are just seeking relations be careful and smart. Your body will tell you even before your brain if something isn’t right. It’s like when you get that hair stand up on the back of your neck and then you get that feeling that maybe this isn’t a good idea, then it’s not! Be yourself and be safe and if you’re searching for love in 2019 I know it’s tough out there but stop comparing yourself to other women because we’re all built different and that’s what makes us beautiful in every way and someone’s out there for you just be patient because I know they’re looking for you too!! 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻😘😘😘👑👑👑 best of luck to all you beautiful people!!


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