Loyal AF

I’ve worked entirely way to hard on my life to allow anyone with negative vibes to enter my space.

My circle is loyal as fuck and I wouldn’t trade any of them ever.

When it comes to the peace of your soul it takes a lot to learn Presence.

It doesn’t matter if they call you crazy as long as you are surrounded by light and love

And your own group of crazies.

Should you ever find yourself blocked or deleted from my page then without a doubt you don’t belong here.

Boundaries are a must for healthy happy relationships. Everyone is not your friend and everyone doesn’t need to like you.

In fact if you have a few enemies it means that you actually stand for something.

Never be afraid to show up and to use your voice to speak truth to bull shit.

Don’t worry about what other people think of You, their opinion is none of your business.

Once you’ve learned to stand up for what you believe in you can teach your friends to do the same!


Thanks for reading my blogs

I appreciate you


God Bless


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